Jody Rich

Therapy for Individuals and Couples

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Whatever you're struggling with, there is a gift baked in. Identifying those gifts and liberating their power and meaning helps to access and amplify the core strengths you already possess. I pull from a number of orientations and traditions to invent a therapy for each client that will boost and support their psychological immune system for optimal well-being and resilience.


Our families are our first classrooms of love. Where did you go to school? What we learned (or didn't learn) there will inevitably show up in our current relationships. Because of this, sometimes we need support initiating or deepening the connections that help us to feel seen, heard, valued and safe.

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Major life transitions

Building coping skills

Trauma and abuse 


Communication tools 



Guilt and shame 

Integrative Therapy (mind, body, spirit) 

About You

Are you feeling like your best self has wandered off somewhere? Is it time for you to make your "comeback?"


Do you have relationships that tend to be more stressful than fulfilling and that your attempts to change have led only to frustration? Do you hear words coming out of your mouth that don't feel like your own?


Have the struggles and pain of the past or present overwhelmed you?

About me

I am fearless and tireless in my healing work, always learning and searching alongside you. Emotional freedom, joy and inspiration are attainable destinations in your life. Working together, we can liberate the gifts that are always at the heart of suffering.

All love stories are ghost stories.

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